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Letters of Authorization (LOA)

A Letter of Authorization is FAA approval granted to individual CFR part 91 Operators for specific flight operations. LOAs can apply to Domestic or International operations, such as RVSM or the use of data link for ATC communications. Specific requirements for LOAs are spelled out in the FAA regulations and guidance materials including FAA Advisory Circulars, FAA Notices and information provided to FAA Flight Standards Offices. The information contained in the LOA application is often referred to as the “data package”.

RationalAir will collect and assemble the needed data package information to show operator compliance for the purpose of obtaining a Letter of Authorization (LOA) for Special Areas of Operations (SOA).

Data packages consist of the operator’s information demonstrating compliance with the guidelines for a specific operational approval. FAA guidance materials outline the required information and provide the operators a means in which to obtain an LOA.

Data packages are normally submitted to the Operators Principal Operations Inspector (POI) at their local FSDO along with a letter requesting the specific approval. Due to the FSDO workload the time needed to complete the approval can vary and often will exceed 60 days. Operators can help reduce this time by submitting complete packages and readily responding to any FSDO requests for additional information.

Data packages normally contain two types of information:

1. Aircraft data detailing the aircraft approval for the specific operation

2. Operator information